Book: #TradingThought Mind Medicine for Traders & Investors


“Could help you get the right psychological attitude to take your trading and investing to the next level.”
Axel Rudolph, Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts.

There’s a fine line between winning and losing in the financial markets, and the smallest edge can make a difference. One of the biggest reasons for failure is not having the right mindset – this book can help you be one of the winners.



The smallest edge can make a difference between winning and losing in the financial markets. One of the reasons most lose, is not having the right mindset. This book can help you be one of the winners.

#TradingThought was inspired by the popularity of daily motivational Tweets delivered by Stephen through his business THE STOP HUNTER. His experience has shown that the psychology of trading & investing is the most important element to master if you want to be a success. Research supports this: “positive emotions broaden the scope of attention, cognition, action and build physical, intellectual and social resources”. In other words, the right mindset can help you think and act smarter – even under stress.

The 1000+ quotes are brilliant as a life self-affirmation tool, a powerful weapon for positive change or to overcome obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals. But their real purpose is to inspire, motivate and stimulate your mind into taking positive psychological action to improve your trading and investing performance.

#TradingThought will inspire you to believe that nothing is impossible if you embrace the power of the proverb!


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